The Samsung-Bixolon SRP-350plusII is a 3 inch thermal receipt printer designed to support your successful business. The SRP-350plusII is fully featured with improved printing speed up to 250 mm/sec and a smart Samsung-Bixolon software package. The easy-to-use Windows driver makes the SRP-350plusII even more flexible and modern. Improved speed and better reliability make the SRP-350plusII ideal for high-traffic installations. The modern design and small footprint enhance any environment.
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This usb barcode scanner allows the user to simply  target the desired bar  code and complete the transaction with a simple  press of a button. This usb barcode scanner is both shock  proof & water resistant.  Its made with premium materials and is light to hold, highly  durable and reliable to cope with very busy working environments. Scanpro technology ensures consistantly fast and  accurate scans.  Damaged and irregular barcodes can also be read without  error. Autoscanning can be enabled to increase speed.

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